Using your own cells to heal your body...faster.

About Regenerative Medicine

Rejuvenate Cell Therapy

Our cell therapy takes stem cells from an area of high concentration in your body and delivers them directly to the area of inflammation to help you heal naturally, safely, and in most cases, more quickly. Regenerative medicine has been popular in Europe for many years and is growing in use by physicians and physician assistants here in the U.S. Regenerative medicine uses undifferentiated cells found in bone marrow. These regenerate cells have the capacity to transition into bone, muscle, cartilage, ligament and tendon cells when applied to the injured tissue.

Safe, effective and affordable

We safely harvest, concentrate and treat patients with cells derived from their own bodies for the best possible natural healing experience. Because regenerative cells take on the characteristics of host tissue, enhanced healing has been documented in numerous studies. As this medicine discipline has evolved, newer and more efficient products, processes and technology have led to better patient experiences and outcomes for:

  • Reconstructive surgery of the upper and lower extremities
  • Bone marrow stem cell injections
  • Joint, muscle, tendon, cartilage and skin injuries
  • In place of knee or shoulder replacement
  • Cosmetic facial treatments

Adult Stem Cells can help repair of injured and damaged tissue.

Adult Stem cells are undifferentiated – they do not developed into a specialized cell type. Discovered more than 50 years ago by researchers, these cells have healing properties and are present in the bone marrow. They can:

  • Create copies of themselves
  • Transform into bone, muscle, cartilage or fat tissue
  • Reduce cell death associated with illness or aging
  • Help ease painful swelling due to inflammation