Using your own cells to heal your body...faster.

About Rejuvenate

Comprehensive Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine

Our services include:

  • Orthopedic Medicine Services: including assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and issuing of drug prescription to patients as needed.
  • Regenerative Medicine Services: including minimally invasive, in office platelet rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate injections for pain, injuries and physiological changes of the aging body.
  • Radiology services: including X-rays, Ultrasound, and Fluoroscopy. These services will be offered for diagnostic and assessment purposes.
  • Skin Rejuvenation Services: including microdermabrasion as well as platelet rich plasma skin and facial treatments.
  • Physiotherapy Referral services: referrals for patients in need of physical and occupational therapy.
  • Surgical Referral Services: referrals for patients whom are deemed in need of surgery.

Specializing in regenerative therapies that promote health and wellness

David A. Harris, PA-C

David Harris PA-C has been practicing as a certified Physician Assistant in the Melbourne area for 13 years and has always had a passion for and specialized in the care of orthopedic and vascular patients. With the ever-changing standards and treatments in health care, David recognized the importance of helping patients before they need surgical intervention, so he began researching and learning about regenerative therapies. Through his research and experience, he has found that using the body’s own stem cells to organically heal itself has huge benefits for patients. David has trained with world renowned surgeons, some of whom have 30+ years in experience with autologous stem cell use and research. From there, he has gone on to teach iliac crest aspiration technique to surgeons interested in joining the regenerative care movement. He is always looking for innovative ways to improve his patient’s quality of life.